María Volonté 9 Vidas Band

Original songs recorded in Buenos Aires – New CD coming soon!

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Puertos, the new CD from Latin Grammy nominee María Volonté, combines the rich traditions of Argentine popular song with the creative leaps of improvisational jazz.

This album of all-new compositions was recorded in Buenos Aires with her long-time collaborators in the María Volonté 9 Vidas Band: Jorge Rabito on bass, Joaquin Sellan on keyboards and Fabián “Sapo” Miodownik on drums.

Deeply rooted in the enduring myths of Buenos Aires as a port city, cultural melting pot, gateway to the Argentine Pampa and elixir of artists, “Puertos” tells stories from the streets and docks of Buenos Aires. The songs sing of ships at anchor in the Rio de la Plata, the longings of a musician heading home down late-night streets, the words of an artist to her daughters.

The process of creation was collaborative. Each week for several months the band gathered at their rehearsal studio, an artist’s garret in the Caballito neighborhood of Buenos Aires, trying out ideas for music and lyrics which would eventually become “Puertos.”

Meet the Lineup

The María Volonté 9 Vidas Band

For the “Puertos” project, Argentine Latin Grammy nominee María Volonté gathered her long-time collaborators Jorge Rabito on bass, Joaquín Sellan on keyboards, Fabián “Sapo” Miodownik on drums and percussion and Kevin Carrel Footer on production & lyrics. The group’s first CD together was called “9 Vidas,” giving rise to the band’s nickname. Meet the María Volonté 9 Vidas Band…

María Volonté

guitar & vocals

Jorge Rabito


Joaquín Sellan


Fabián “Sapo” Miodownik



For this new project, the song Pintó was the band’s starting point. Composed as an instrumental without words, it became the first collaboration on new songs that would combine the passion and structure of popular songs propelled by the creative leaps of improvisational jazz.